Seller’s Guide

Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Selling your home is a big financial and emotional decision, characterized by the many memories built over the years. As a listing Realtor, I am able to manage this process in an empathetic manner, while tenaciously negotiating the highest price to meet your objectives. I have streamlined my home selling process so that your home sells in the most efficient manner, and for the best value the current market offers. Here is what the process will look like:

  • Home Evaluation + Comparative Market Analysis

Upon seeing your home, I will summarize all the relevant attributes and determine the main selling factors. Coming from a home building background, I have a keen eye for renovation projects, and am able to envision a space as it could be for potential buyers. Through conducting a comprehensive home evaluation, I will then research comparable properties in your neighborhood. We will analyze together, and collaboratively decide on an appropriate price to sell your home in the most efficient timeline.

  • Marketing

My home marketing system involves a combination of online techniques and eye-catching tools. In addition to uploading your listing to the MLS, I will market it extensively on my two websites, social media pages, and through email newsletter to my database of clients, investors, and other Realtors. I provide superb visuals, including customized brochures, professional photography and videography, 3D floorplans, and home staging if deemed necessary.

  • Showings + Open Houses

For each of my listings, I conduct private showings and open houses for interested parties (with snacks!). I walk potential buyers through the property in a way that highlights the most positive aspects of the space. I am rigorously prepared with all neighborhood statistics and details of the property so that no question is left unanswered. All guests will be given a customized brochure with property features and a 3D floorplan. If renovations are necessary, the 3D floorplan is invaluable at illustrating the space in its best light.

  • Negotiation of Offers

The negotiation process is my area of utmost expertise. Whether it is a multiple offer situation or a single offer, each negotiation has a delicate balance. I navigate this balance with professionalism, persistence, and a dogged determination on behalf of my clients. I have a strong reputation amongst my fellow Realtors, making the negotiation process smooth and free of unnecessary conflict.