Your Next Move in the Vancouver Real Estate Market

With Vancouver Real Estate being a national topic of interest, this is not breaking news. Sales have plunged just over 40% since this time last year. It’s no wonder Vancouverites may be on the fence about participating in the market. As a Realtor who has experienced 2 of these markets previously – once in 1998 and once in 2008 – I can say with confidence that Vancouver Real Estate never stays down for long.

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The Suburbs Young Home-Buyers are Flocking To

It’s not breaking news – Vancouver home prices are high, and getting into the market is a challenge for many first-time home buyers. To make matters even more complicated, the immediate suburbs of Vancouver like Burnaby, Richmond, and North Vancouver are becoming increasingly unaffordable, meaning Vancouver home buyers are having to move further and further from the city. The good news is – transit lines are expanding and there are growing communities now more easily accessible to working Vancouverites.

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Benefits of Working With A Realtor

We’ve all driven by a sign that reads “For Sale by Owner.” While seemingly a viable option for selling your home, it is actually more work, requires more time, and leaves the seller with less money in their pockets. Working with an experienced and competent Realtor streamlines the home buying and selling process so that you extract the most value out of the transaction.

Here’s How:

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