Benefits of Working With A Realtor

We’ve all driven by a sign that reads “For Sale by Owner.” While seemingly a viable option for selling your home, it is actually more work, requires more time, and leaves the seller with less money in their pockets. Working with an experienced and competent Realtor streamlines the home buying and selling process so that you extract the most value out of the transaction.

Here’s How:

1. Knowledge beyond the internet
Of course we can all sit at home and look at listings on our computers. While fun for the first couple of days, it becomes a tedious process and a big time commitment for yourself. A Realtor has the tools to narrow a search so that only the most applicable properties will be shared with you, saving you time and energy in the process. While the internet is one source of information, a lot of properties are sold privately. Some sellers simply do not want their home listed on the MLS, so this is where the extensive network of a Realtor comes in handy. Realtors connect amongst each other, and properties are often sold before hitting the market due to matches made with buyers and sellers privately beforehand.
2. Access to Statistics
When it comes to selling your home, appropriate pricing is often the greatest deciding factor in how fast a listing sells. Pricing a home too high often leads to it sitting on the market and not attracting any buyers. Contrastingly, pricing it too low might give the wrong impression about a home’s condition. When it comes to buying a home, you want to make sure that you’re offering a reasonable market rate, and most definitely not over-paying.
With the help of a Realtor, you will have access to statistical analysis tools and up to date market research. This will give you the greatest insight into pricing for the market that you’re in. You will go into every transaction feeling knowledgeable and confident with the expert advice you received. After all, there’s nothing better than the cold hard facts.

3. Advanced Skills in Negotiation

In a market as competitive as Vancouver’s, the negotiation stage is critical. There is often strategic communication between Realtors going on behind the scenes, which is why you need someone who will fight on your behalf. A good Realtor will have undergone additional professional development training in addition to their basic licensing requirements – with a major focus on negotiation tactics. This will ensure that you walk away with the most money as a seller, and save as much as possible as a buyer.
4. Admin Support

There is an abundance of paperwork associated with a real estate transaction. Not only do Realtors have quick access to required documents and the administrative support to complete them efficiently, but they also understand the jargon inside and out. Transactions can take place swiftly, so why waste time with administrative headaches when you can leave it to the experts? With the help of a Realtor, you also avoid delays in closing due to errors made in any of the paperwork.

It’s clear – working with a competent and motivated Realtor will help you get the best results
out of your real estate transaction!